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White Horse Theatre zu Gast

Am Montag, 26.11. war das White-Horse-Theatre bei uns zu Gast an der Dahlmannschule und zeigte verschiedene englische Theaterstücke für unterschiedliche Klassenstufen.

Ein Einblick in das Stück Macbeth:

horse1       horse3

horse2    horse5


 Monday afternoon. A large group of pupils is gathering to watch a play that nearly everyone expects to be boring and unimaginative.

Just about thirty minutes later these same students are sitting with a big grin on their face, while watching a scene of an Australian man in the role of Macbeth, screaming like a madman about his wrongdoings.

The portray of Macbeth by White Horse Theatre is one, that brings the whole play to life. Much to the surprise of the young audience.
The one phrase I heard after the play multiple times, was that people were pleasantly surprised, about the difference that good actors can make in a play that usually would cause them to fall asleep from pure boredom.

And that while keeping most elements of a Shakespearian play, just the way they are supposed to be.

Bericht: Jan Sommer, Q2a


Eindrücke aus dem Stück "The tyrant‘s Kiss"

tyrant1  tyrant2

tyrant3  tyrant4

tyrant5  tyrant6 

 Rückmeldungen und Fragen zu den Stücken gern auch über den Instagramaccount des White-Horste-Theatres an:



Fotos: A. Kielmann/J. Carstens


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